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S.C. TIE Services International S.R.L.

SC TIE SERVICES INTERNATIONAL SRL Satu Mare is a company specialist in the engineering, design and fabrication of welded and machined machines and constructions, as well as hydraulic lifting machinery including winches and cranes.
Tie Services International has accredited Quality, Environmental and welding management systems, TUV ISO 9001, ISO 14001-2009, and TUV DIN EN ISO 3834-2 respectively.
SC TIE SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LTD has endeavored to maintain a strong stable workforce with the highest qualification and experience in the field.
Our welding experience enables work in a large field of activity to be undertaken, including lifting equipment, energy generation equipment, assembly and installation, electro hydraulic systems.
SC TIE SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LTD has a large modern factory with large capacity cranes (4 x 12.5Te), Large over head height (8m below the crane hook) for the production of large pieces. The facility is fully equipped such that we can in house execute all manufacturing processes from cutting and profiling plates, tubes and profiles. Pre weld assembly, and welding. A modern well equipped machine shop with the ultimate generation CNC machine tools provides a complete technical offer. This together with specialist mechanical assembly teams for installation and commissioning on site.




Work is easy when you have all tools around you!

Floor type CNC milling & boring machine Emsil EMTECH HBM-130

X-6000mm Y-3300mm (Z+W)-1100mm; Precision: 0.02mm/m

Floor type CNC milling & boring machine Emsil EMTECH HBM-140

X-7600mm Y-3800mm (Z+W)-2500mm; Precision: 0.02mm/m; Adjustable vertically head; Turntable 2500mm x 2000mm


1250mm x 4000mm

CNC Milling machine MAZAK VTC20

X-1040mm Y-640mm Z-530mm

Machining center CNC Heller EBA2

X-800mm Y-800mm Z-630mm

CNC Milling machine Hermle UWF 1000

X-600mm Y-500mm Z-350mm

400 Tons Hydraulic Abkant Press Machine (CAP 40400 Series E) with CNC control

Bending force - 400Te; Maximum bending length - 4100mm; Distance between the columns - 3100mm; Stroke - 300m

Milling Machine with DRO

X 1100 - Y 900 - Z 1200

Coordinate Drilling Machine

X 1500 - Y 1050 - Z 900

Milling Machines
FUS 25 | FUS 32

Parallel lathes
SN 420 | SN 560 | SN 710

400 x 1500 | 400 x 2000 | 630 x 4000

Boring Machines

Flame/plasma CNC cutting machine Burney 1400

4000x2500mm; mild steel up to 150mm; stainless steel up to 25 mm

Plasma cutting machine
steel plates up to 15mm

Continuous Tape Saw machine Pegasus 440x600 mm

4 Rollers Rolling Machine

Max. width 2000mm; thickness up to 25mm width 1000mm, min diameter Ø400mm

Hydraulic tapping machine CMA, up to M22

MIG /MAG welding machines: FRONIUS & MERKLE max. Current 400-450A

Plasma beveling machine, steel plate thick up to 30mm

Self-propelling beveling tool: plate thickness 6- 40mm, Max beveling depth 12 mm

Back gouging machine max. Current 650A

Shot blasting facilities, parts with length up to 12m, weight 10 tones

Painting booth, parts with length up to 12m, weight 10 tones

Bridge crane 22,5 m - 12,5tf; type ZX8 Double Grinder Crane

Bridge crane 22,5 m - 12,5tf; type ZX8 Single Grinder Crane

Lifting machine with forks 3,5 tones, type JCB 532-120

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